Can you save money with an energy efficient “green” roof?

//Can you save money with an energy efficient “green” roof?

The term “green roof” refers to a garden or vegetative system that is installed on a rooftop.  Garden roofs offer aesthetic enhancements that transform a rooftop into a more usable and attractive space while helping to reduce energy usage, therefore saving money on energy bills.   Many urban offices, apartments and condos provide this unique amenity that adds value to the building owner, its tenants and helps serve the greater good of the community by:  

  1. Helping reduce the urban heat island effect
  2. Improving a city’s storm water management capacity by delaying the flow of water
  3. Reducing energy load during peak demand periods

However, the term “green roof” doesn’t describe all the benefits that a “cool” or “sustainable” roof may provide.  Cool and sustainable roofs are often interchangeable terms that refer to roofing systems that are energy efficient and long lasting.  

They also include the following features and benefits:

Insulated to meet current energy codesReduces energy costs and peak energy demand
Reflective surfaceKeeps building cooler, especially in warmer areas
Proper installation and maintenanceExtends the service life cycle of the roof
DurableKeeps roofs from degrading and going to landfills

If energy efficiency is important to you, you may  consider investing in solar roof panels. Although the initial investment can be high, the long-term savings will be even higher, and there are federal, state and utility incentives that can offset some of your installation costs. 

Another way you can save money on energy is by investing in daylighting, which uses natural light to replace artificial light in a space. 

Schools, offices and retail shops are experiencing the human and economic benefits of using greater amounts of natural light, which not only lowers electricity bills, but also has mood-enhancing qualities that can improve mental health.

For many years, Nations Roof has helped our clients understand the economic and performance benefits of energy-efficient roofing systems.  If you are looking for ways to save money on energy, our team of professionals can conduct an energy audit and offer solutions that work for your building and your budget.