Nations Roof® is a GREEN ROOFING industry expert and invests in a program called TWIG – Together Working in Green – to assess your return on investment towards GREEN building systems. Our specialized team of LEED-certified roofing experts, will design and install green roofing systems that best fit your goals and needs.

Nations Roof® is actively involved in designing and installing the following Green solutions every day:

aerial view of solar commercial roofing system

Daylighting Systems

  • Daylighting studies have shown that both active and passive daylighting systems improve production, improve product quality, increase retail sales, increase employee morale, reduce absenteeism, reduce errors, and improve visibility.
  • When combined with lighting controls, daylighting can drastically reduce the operating costs for your building.

Solar / Photovoltaic

  • Solar / Photovoltaic assemblies can turn your roof into an energy producing asset.
  • Not only can you roll back the electric meter and save money on future energy costs, but your building can be a symbol of the future and help reduce carbon emissions.
  • PV systems are renewable and clean.
  • Nations Roof® implements turn-key solutions for your facility.

Garden Roofs

  • Garden roofs help conserve energy, absorb carbon dioxide and pollutants, control storm run-off and improve the efficiency of your building’s heating and cooling systems.
  • Green Roofs can more than double the service life of the roof and will improve the aesthetics of your building more than any other roof system selection.
  • Nations Roof®, as Garden Roof experts, will lead you through the critical waterproofing and system selection hurdles to ensure your Green Roof is suitable for your facilities geography and building type.

Cool Roofs

  • Cool roofs reflect and emit the sun’s heat back to the sky instead of transferring it to the building below.
  • “Coolness” is measured by two properties solar reflectance (solar energy reflected by the roof) and thermal emittance (ability of the roof surface to radiate absorbed heat).
  • Cool roof benefits include energy savings, reduction in urban heat island effect, reduction in smog, and improved occupant comfort.
  • Nations Roof® installs Cool roofs, which decrease roof maintenance costs and provide longer roof life cycles.

Roof Sustainability with Coatings

  • Roof Coating systems extend the life cycle of your roof and are a key product element within our TWIG solutions products program.
  • LEED credits, energy efficient tax deductions, utility rebates, maintenance expense deductions and other incentives may be available to the owner for a roof coating system.
  • Additionally, the cost and disposal of existing older roof materials may be avoided with the application of a coatings system.
  • Nations Roof® will assess your facilities roof and determine the suitability of a coatings system application and will advise of the sustainability benefits available for each project.


  • Nations Roof® believes in using recycling resources on every project.
  • The result of recycling and repurposing building products is less landfill waste and the recycled material is used as raw material.
  • New products from roadways that you drive on, to mulch for your garden and new building products are created.
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