Nations Roof®Care™ provides a proactive approach to managing roofing assets for client portfolios of properties. Nations Roof®Care™ is a comprehensive program and strategy that includes all services provided by Nations Roof® such as repairing, restoring, maintaining and when needed Nations Roof® Construction to replace assets.

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Asset Management

  • Nations Roof®Care™ provides a proactive approach to managing roofing assets for client portfolios of properties.
  • You get the data needed to be able to make good financial decisions on the best way to preserve and extend the life of your commercial roofing system.
  • You then get to pick the service(s) that are most valuable to you.

About Asset Mgmt

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Preventive Maintenance Program

  • Through preventive maintenance, the service life of a roof is increased anywhere from 30% to 100%.
  • With regular inspections Nations Roof® can identify deficiencies and address small concerns before they become major problems.
  • Nations Roof® will generate an assessment report with the repairs needed listed in order of priority, pricing and recommendations.

About Maintenance

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On Demand Services

  • On Demand Services through Nations Roof® are prioritized according to your needs.
  • A full range of services is available including emergency services, work orders based on time and materials, warranty programs and much more.
  • Information related to your requests are available online, in real-time through our customer portal.

About On Demand

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Professional Services

  • Get the knowledge, resources, and expertise to address all your commercial roofing needs and help maximize your investment.
  • Pick the professional service you need, when you need it.
  • Access to project data including warranty, budgets, site history and more through the NationsFM customer portal.

About Services

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Specialty Products

  • Nations Roof® has affiliations and partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers and service providers to offer specialty products that increase the value and service life of your roof.
  • Whether you need to provide additional safety equipment for your personnel or other service contractors, you are looking for building envelope services, or you need to undertake tenant improvements, the chances are Nations Roof® has the solution.

About Products

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Commercial Roof Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

A commercial roof’s lifespan depends on the type of system utilized. For example, the life expectancy of a TPO roof system is between 25 to 30 years. On the other hand, an EPDM roof system lasts up to 35 years, and a metal roof can last 50 years or more.

The roof repair process begins with thoroughly inspecting your commercial roof surface. A full report will follow – full of the data you need to make prudent financial decisions regarding the life of your roof. Finally, owners choose a plan of action based on the report, and the roof repair or replacement is scheduled.

Yes, you can patch the roof of a commercial building. It’s important to hire a commercial roofing company that works with many different types of roofing systems for your repair job.

Ask if your roof would be eligible for a liquid applied roofing system to stop current leaks and keep new ones from forming.

Some roof leaks may be repaired with a liquid-applied roofing system. However, this option is not suitable for all leaking roofs. It’s essential that you hire a roofing company with a lot of experience with each type of roofing system to fix your problem leaks.

Commercial and industrial roofs are typically “flat roofs.” However, this is not always the case. Commercial roofers typically use EPDM, TPO, or PVC roofing systems because they resist chemicals, grease, and harsh weather.

A commercial roof coating is sometimes a solution to a problem roof. This waterproof membrane is sprayed on or applied by a roller. It’s installed over an existing roof and can prolong the roof’s life on a commercial building.

Some commercial roof warranties require that the roof is regularly inspected and maintained. During this inspection, leaks are repaired. Additionally, debris is removed from the roof surface, and gutters are cleaned.

An industrial roof should be inspected and serviced twice a year – and following any significant weather events. Some commercial roof warranties require regular maintenance.

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