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Safety Products services

We don’t just install roofs and repair leaks. We also offer specialty roofs and safety barriers for commercial and residential roofs, as well as custom pipe stand, grease guard systems, and drainage solutions for a slew of different building types. We take the same pride in our craftsmanship on these products as we do on our roofs, so don’t hesitate to ask about your project’s needs so we can help you meet safety requirements while keeping other roof items safer.


  • Get comprehensive building solutions with extensive building envelope services, tenant improvements, and non-destructive testing to ensure the integrity and performance of commercial structures.
  • We provide roof hatch railing systems, permanent safety rail systems, and skylight guard systems to enhance rooftop safety and protect workers.
  • Exterior drainage systems, grease guards, and pre-fabricated pipe supports are part of Nations Roof’s product range designed to optimize drainage and support systems on commercial roofs.


  • Nations Roof® works with a wide variety of manufacturers and service providers to offer specialty products that increase the value and service life of your roof.