Solar Roofing

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Solar Roofing systems

Solar roofing is one of the most advanced and newest technologies to hit the roofing world. Solar panels enable building owners to harness the sun to produce energy. Our first priority is to ensure that your roof remains watertight and that the solar panels are securely attached. We work with specialists that install and connect the panels.


  • Solar roofs are a major financial investment that converts sunlight into energy.
  • Nations Roof has prepared many roofs to ensure watertight integrity when a solar assembly is installed.
  • There are many types of racking systems available to secure your roof panels and meet the requirements of your roofing system warranty.


  • A solar roof can unleash the power of the sun and turn your nonproductive roof surface into an energy producing asset.
  • Solar energy produces clean, emission-free electricity, helping companies meet green building standards and certifications.