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Proud to be making a difference in the commercial roofing industry, Nations Roof® has spent more than 15 years building a strong reputation as a company that owns and operates every one of its locations, brings maximum value to projects large and small, never takes shortcuts with safety, and always supports clients with exceptional customer service.

Whether you need emergency leak repair, storm damage repair, maintenance work or a complete roof replacement, Nations Roof® has a solution for every budget and time frame. Our professional teams have the expertise to handle commercial roof repair and roof replacements on buildings large and small, and in all kinds of weather.

For customers with one or multiple facilities, our National Service Center is staffed around the clock, acting as a single point of contact on every job. With our online customer portal, you can communicate with your project team and access project data in real time.

Nations Roof® maintains a vast network of partnerships with the very best manufacturers in the roofing industry. That way, we’re able to offer each client a wide range of roofing choices and solutions.


Houston Business Growth Trends

Houston’s local economy revolves around its four major industries: oil, natural gas, biomedical research and aeronautics. The Houston Ship Channel plays a major role in the fiscal health of the region. The global city is the number one U.S. export market, with more than $110 billion in goods leaving its ports each year. Most of those goods are headed to Brazil, Mexico and Canada. 

Among U.S. ports, the Port of Houston is the leading facility for international trade, ranking tenth in the world for trade/export activity. Unlike most cities in the U.S., Houston’s local economy thrives when gas and oil prices go up because the city is such a hub for energy development, drilling, and exploration. Only 27 nations in the world have gross domestic product figures that out-rank Houston’s incredible $478 billion figure. 

In bare numbers, Houston’s merchant wholesale and local retail sales data are impressive, at $323 billion and $41 billion, respectively. That works out to $19,250 in annual retail sales per capita. Median household income is $48,000, and the city has more than 260,000 local business establishments. The current metro area population of more than 6.3 million is expected to reach 7 million by 2025. 


Local Weather Can be Tough on Houston, Texas Commercial Roofing

Mild winters, humid summers and the chance of occasional destructive weather patterns are the hallmark of Houston’s “humid subtropical” climate category. Super-cell thunderstorms can mean tornado damage, and major hurricanes have visited the city and left their mark. Most recently, Hurricane Harvey caused more than $125 billion in damage to the area. 

In 2000 the record high of 109 was set, while 1930 was the year for the record low of 5 degrees. The city is known for its heavy rains, which sometimes arrive in the form of major thunderstorms, leading to flooding (as happened in 2015, 2016, and 217) and widespread structural damage. The City of Houston holds the U.S. record for enduring the most financial loss from flood damage. 

When it comes to Houston roof repair, our team realizes that local weather events can damage even the sturdiest structures. And for Houston commercial roofers, havoc from inclement weather calls for special skills. 

A reliable source for up-to-the-minute local Houston weather forecasts is on the Weather.gov website. 

For Houston emergency commercial roof repair, building owners contact Nations Roof® for rapid assistance. When they need immediate help with leaking roof repair, Houston commercial property owners are in good hands with Nations Roof®. Our Houston roofers keep a close eye on the area’s local weather patterns. 


Nations Roof® offers a complete range of roofing systems. Our experts are trained to make recommendations based on each client’s specific type of roof and the condition of the roof. That way, customers can opt for the solution that suits them best. 

Whether it’s Houston roof repair, roof replacement, new construction, general roofing services or sustainable “green” services, Nations Roof® has the experience to get the job done right, on time, and within budget. 

Roof repair: The Nations Roof®Care™ program helps clients proactively manage an entire portfolio of properties. This comprehensive approach includes general roof repair, specialized roofing service, restoration, roofing maintenance, and even replacement. Preventive maintenance can increase a roof’s life between 30 to 100 percent. That means huge savings for clients who opt for regular inspections that can help address small concerns as quickly as possible. 

In addition to preventive roofing maintenance, Nations Roof® offers dependable on-demand services. When clients need immediate help with leaking roof repair, emergency commercial roof repair, weather damage or emergency repair of any kind, on-demand service teams are ready to go. 

What’s more, we’ve built a comprehensive network of industry-wide partnerships that allow the Nations Roof® team to offer a complete list of specialty services for every conceivable roofing need, including emergency commercial roof repair, roof leak repair, roof maintenance, leak repair, and roof service. Clients deserve a commercial roofing contractor that has all the bases covered. 

Roof replacement: Nations Roof® has the background and experience to do a complete roof replacement whenever a roof has reached the point of being beyond repair. Of course, it makes sense to focus on preventive and regular maintenance during the life cycle of a roof, but at some point, even the very best roof reaches the end of its usefulness. If that’s the case, the Nations Roof® team can help customers decide how to proceed. We provide maintenance guarantees and a leak-free, two-year preventive maintenance contract on every job. 


At Nations Roof®, we know that roof repair or replacement represents a big investment for any business owner. That’s why we do our best to minimize roof repair expenses with a comprehensive asset-management program called Nations Roof®Care™. When it comes to regular maintenance issues, or even Houston emergency leak repair, Houston business owners and commercial property managers trust Nations Roof®. 

The bottom line for customers: An extended life for every commercial roof and lower costs during the life of the roof. This proactive philosophy means roofing investments are fully protected by national coverage and fully backed with top-notch local service. 

When it’s time to give real attention to Houston emergency leak repair or roof servicing of any kind, Nations Roof® customers have peace of mind because they know they’re getting the very best in roofing workmanship and materials, focused customer service, responsive project management, the latest technology, and a work team that has won numerous safety and excellence awards. 

Nations Roof® has a Houston office located at: 18503 Imperial Valley Dr. The local team is always ready to assist with roof repair, emergency repair, leak repair or roof maintenance questions. 

When it’s time to find a Houston, TX commercial roofing contractor that knows roof maintenance, emergency repair, and the roofing business inside and out, Nations Roof® is the clear choice for customers who want the very best in roof repair before, during, and after every project.

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