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As a Master or Elite level contractor with all major roofing manufacturers, Nations Roof believes in doing the job right the first time. This level of expertise given by Roofing Manufacturers is awarded to only a small percentage of roofing contractors nation-wide.

By having written project specifications and project plans and communicating regularly with all parties involved with the project, we meet your expectations, requirements and schedule.

During any repair or roofing project, we understand your need to protect your employees, guests, stock and other valuable assets, and at the same time maintain your business production and service levels. We will be available to provide technical information, resolve problems, and follow through with any requests.

Safety is a key component of our daily work. Under the Safety First program, Nations Roof requires all rooftop employees to complete 10-hour OSHA safety training within the first 90 days of employment. Managers and foremen are required to finish a 30-hour OSHA safety class. Personnel go through extensive orientation and on-going safety and best practice training programs to ensure that they are qualified to be part of your roofing project. Nations Roof maintains a drug free workplace nation-wide. Risk Management is a fundamental concept at Nations Roof. From our insurance and bonding to our Site Specific Safety Plans and Safety Audit programs, Nations Roof ensures that your site is safe for all.

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