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Nations Roof is one of the largest Commercial Roofers with more than 15 years of experience.

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Comprehensive Services in Indianapolis, Indiana

Nations Roof offers a complete range of roofing systems. Our experts are trained to make recommendations based on each client’s specific type of roof and the condition of the roof. That way, customers can opt for the solution that suits them best. 

Whether it’s roof repair, roof replacement, new construction, general roofing services or sustainable “green” services, Nations Roof has the experience to get the job done right, on time, and within budget. 

Roof repair: The Nations RoofCare™ program helps clients proactively manage an entire portfolio of properties. This comprehensive approach includes general roof repair, specialized roofing service, restoration, roofing maintenance, and even replacement. Preventive maintenance can increase a roof’s life between 30 to 100 percent. That means huge savings for clients who opt for regular inspections that can help address small concerns as quickly as possible. 

In addition to preventive roofing maintenance, Nations Roof offers dependable on-demand services. When clients need immediate help with leaking roof repair, emergency commercial roof repair, weather damage or emergency repair of any kind, on-demand service teams are ready to go. 

What’s more, we’ve built a comprehensive network of industry-wide partnerships that allow the Nations Roof team to offer a complete list of specialty services for every conceivable roofing need, including emergency commercial roof repair, roof leak repair, roof maintenance, leak repair, and roof service. Clients deserve a Commercial Roofing contractor that has all the bases covered. 

Roof replacement: Nations Roof has the background and experience to do a complete roof replacement whenever a roof has reached the point of being beyond repair. Of course, it makes sense to focus on preventive and regular maintenance during the life cycle of a roof, but at some point, even the very best roof reaches the end of its usefulness. If that’s the case, the Nations Roof team of Indianapolis can help customers decide how to proceed.

Service and Repair in Indianapolis, Indiana

At Nations Roof, we know that roofing repair or replacement represents a big investment for any business owner. That’s why we do our best to minimize roof repair expenses with a comprehensive asset-management program called Nations RoofCare™. When it comes to regular maintenance issues, or even Indianapolis emergency leak repair, business owners and commercial property managers trust Nations Roof. 

The bottom line for customers: An extended life for every commercial roof and lower costs during the life of the roof. This proactive philosophy means roofing investments are fully protected by national coverage and fully backed with top-notch local service. 

When it’s time to give real attention to Indianapolis emergency leak repair or roof servicing of any kind, Nations Roof customers have peace of mind because they know they’re getting the very best in roofing workmanship and materials, focused customer service, responsive project management, the latest technology, and a work team that has won numerous safety and excellence awards. 

Nations Roof has an Indianapolis office located at: 714 W. Morris Street. The local team is always ready to assist with roof repair, emergency repair, leak repair or roof maintenance questions. 

When it’s time to find an Indianapolis Commercial Roofing contractor that knows roof maintenance, emergency repair, and the roofing business inside and out, Nations Roof is the clear choice for customers who want the very best in roof repair before, during, and after every project.


The 2.1 million total population in the Indianapolis metro area puts the city at 34th among the top 100 cities in the U.S. A regional and national leader in real estate, manufacturing, health care, wholesale trade, insurance and leasing, the city boasts one of the most diversified local economies anywhere. Its gross domestic product figure is an impressive $134 billion, with a large portion of that total coming from industries like medical equipment, aircraft products, and pharmaceuticals. 

Indianapolis has a healthy employment environment and is home to several Fortune 500 companies, including Eli Lilly and Anthem Inc. One of the central players in the local manufacturing realm is Rolls-Royce Holdings, which employs nearly 4,500 skilled workers who make and develop aircraft engine components. 

Alongside the thriving manufacturing sector, the city’s healthcare, bio-tech and science sectors have allowed Indianapolis to lay claim to a unique fact: the city is the only metro area in the U.S. with large work force participation in the five bio-sciences, namely pharmaceuticals, research, distribution, medical devices and farm-related feed/chemicals. 

One obvious reason that so many corporations view Indianapolis as a business-friendly city is its highly efficient transportation system and central location. Recently, the hospitality industry has been growing into a major force in the city’s fiscal strength. The CBRE Group calls Indianapolis one of the nation’s fastest-growing regions for high-tech employment opportunities.


Indianapolis is no stranger to dangerous weather conditions. In April 2018, a pair of tornadoes arrived along with several severe storms. Baseball-size hail fell in August and another tornado arrived a few weeks before that. Tornadoes, snow storms, rain storms and all varieties of destructive weather patterns are commonplace in the region. 

Historically, the most damaging weather in the area came in 1965, when the Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak did major damage. The event brought golf-ball and larger hail along with severe winds and widespread structural damage. Other tornadoes hit in 2002 and 2004. 

During fall and late winter, floods can be a serious problem in Indianapolis. Destructive floods hit in September and February of 2018, but the most damaging floods of all arrived in 1913, 1991, Labor Day of 2003 along with record-setting water levels in June 2007 after a downpour of 10 inches. 

The February 2007 snowstorm was a record-setter in many ways. It brought more than a foot of snow to town. But more than 24 inches of the white stuff fell during the infamous winter storm of December 2004. One of the costliest snow storms to strike Indianapolis was the Blizzard of 1978. It sent the city into a deep freeze for the better part of a month that January. 

When it comes to Indianapolis commercial roof repair, our team realizes that local weather events can damage even the sturdiest structures. And for Indianapolis commercial roofers, havoc from inclement weather calls for special skills. 

A reliable source for up-to-the-minute local Indianapolis weather forecasts is on the website

For Indianapolis emergency roof repair, building owners contact Nations Roof for rapid assistance. When they need immediate help with leaking roof repair, Indianapolis commercial property owners are in good hands with Nations Roof. Our Indianapolis roofers keep a close eye on the area’s local weather patterns. 

Our Breadth of Experience

As the leader in the Commercial Roofing industry, Nations Roof has spent more than 15 years building a solid reputation as a company that owns and operates all its local branches, handles every project with focused attention, never takes shortcuts with safety, and delivers excellent customer service every day of the year. Whether a project involves emergency roof repair, leaking roof repair, maintenance work or total roof replacement, Nations Roof can deal with any budget and any time constraints. Commercial roof repair jobs call for experience, dedication, and professionalism. Nations Roof has what it takes.

Nations Roof has a large network of partnerships with the top manufacturers in the roofing industry. That’s how we’re able to give each client multiple roofing choices on any size job. Our expert teams have the knowledge to handle commercial roof repair on buildings of any size and have worked in every imaginable type of weather. Our depth of experience means we intimately know every segment of the business: commercial structures, offices, retail centers, schools/educational facilities, industrial buildings, hospitality, distribution, and many more. Nations Roof is the go-to roofing company in the U.S. for projects of all sizes, year round.

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Our Projects

Take a look at some of our recent projects located in the greater Indianapolis, Indiana area.
Wide view of Indianapolis flat roof installation with white TPO membrane and HVAC units

Arconic Building
Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis industrial flat roof with HVAC units and TPO membrane

Distribution Center
Indianapolis, IN

Flat white roof with HVAC units, Indianapolis sky

Kimball Electronics
Indianapolis, IN

Project Feedback

“I highly recommend Nations Roof. The company is totally reliable for installation as well as service calls. The principals promptly return calls and then follow up with reports. They are the best.”

John S.

“Our experience with Nations Roofing was very professional. They came out and did an excellent job. A few leaks were found again, when reported back to them, they came out right away and fixed it. No more leaks. I would highly recommend Nations Roofing for all your needs.”

Sam D.

“It was a pleasure doing business with Nations Roof. They are professional and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend doing business with them. They can provide the solution to your roofing needs.”

Michael D.


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