​Metal roof systems are used for steep or low slope roofs.  Steep slope roof applications are architectural metal panel, structural metal panel or metal shingle/shingle panels.  Low slope roofs use structural metal panels systems. 

Substrates for Metal Roofs - The two general categories of substrates are solid roof decking and spaced or intermittent supports. 

Most solid roof decks include cementitious wood fiber, concrete, steel and wood planks or panels. 

Common spaced supports include bar joists, light gauge framing and post and purlin systems. Structural metal panel roof systems usually are installed over spaced supports. 

Underlayments, Slip Sheets - Underlayments are used with steep slope architectural metal panel roof systems.  The use of non-perforated asphalt saturated felt is similar to that of asphalt shingle roof system underlayment.  An ice- dam protection membrane is suggested to use in regions where the January mean temperature is 30 degrees F or lower. 

Vapor Retarder - The need for a vapor retarder is determined on a job-by-job basis. The common material used is white polyethylene film, usually at the bottom surface of insulation.

Metal Types - Aluminum, copper, stainless steel, lead and zinc are naturally weathering.  Steel requires a coating, such as paint or another metal (example:  galvanized with zinc coating).  Metallic coated steel is the most prevalent.

Metal Roof Systems



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