Lionsgate Studios


Lionsgate Studios

In the summer of 2021, a design/build firm, Steve Pustola and Associates, hired Nations Roof to roof a sound stage at Lionsgate Studios in Yonkers, New York. The project was successfully completed with a double layer of ISO and a 60 mil mechanically attached TPO roof system.

A few months later, the same developer hired Nations Roof to roof a second sound stage nearby. However, before this project was started, TV crews working in the first sound stage realized that the noise from nearby commuter trains would cause a problem during filming. This problem needed to be addressed before the second sound studio was constructed.


There are three fundamentals to reducing sound transmission through a roof assembly:

  1. Add mass
  2. Add absorption
  3. Decouple

Nations Roof worked with several industry partners to develop a system to meet these unique requirements.

Nations Roof brought in a manufacturing partner, ROCKWOOL, to discuss increasing the sound transmission class rating (STC). ROCKWOOL manufactures stone wool insulation products with sound-absorbing properties.

The ROCKWOOL Building Science team used the results from its highest-performing assembly to model a further improved assembly using INSUL. The analysis predicted a sound transmission class rating of 55, which is a very robust rating and met the client’s demanding requirements for this challenging site. The team also evaluated the thermal performance of the roof system and estimated a total R-value of 38, which exceeded the minimum requirement of 30.

Once the acoustic system was accepted, Nations Roof brought the assembly to Carlisle Syntec Systems to ensure it met their requirements for a full system warranty. Carlisle recommended their 80-mil Sure-Weld Extra TPO Membrane and offered the client a 20-year system warranty.

Nations Roof also partnered with Beacon Building Products, the local distributor for Carlisle. On a complex system like this, it’s challenging to have everything show up on time and in the proper sequence so that the roofing team can load the roof properly and meet the production schedule work without delay. Beacon coordinated the delivery of 16 truckloads of materials.


The Lionsgate Studio project was performed on a busy street, and other trades were involved. Nations Roof set up safety railings with netting on all sides of the building, which protected all on the job site from falling debris. The project took over 2,800 man-hours, and there were no safety incidents.


The final roof assembly measured over 10.5 inches deep. Here are the layers above the meta deck:

  • ROCKWOOL Toprock Flute Filler
  • 3 layers of ⅝th DesDeck Board (4X8)
  • 2” Carlisle InsulBase Polyiso
  • 2 layers of ROCKWOOL 3” Toprock DD Insulation
  • 5/8th DensDeck Prime Roof Board (4 x 8)
  • Carlisle Insulfast Fasteners, 3” Insulation Plates
  • Carlisle Flexible FAST Adhesive
  • ⅝ DensDeck Prime Roof Board (4X4)
  • Carlisle Low-VOC Bonding Adhesive
  • Carlisle 80-mil Sure-Weld Extra TPO Membrane


Nations Roof and its partners all contributed their unique expertise and dedication to make the Lionsgate Studio project successful. This project proved that when you put the right people and materials in place, great results can happen. Learn more about the Lionsgate Studio project by watching the video below.


Nations Roof was announced as a winner of the prestigious National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA) 2024 Gold Circle Award for the company’s work on this project. Gold Circle Awards are given to NRCA members who contributed significantly to the roofing industry by completing projects with outstanding workmanship or innovative solutions.

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