Rolls-Royce Manufacturing Plant


Rolls-Royce Manufacturing Plant

Rolls-Royce, established in 1904, designs, manufactures and distributes power systems for aviation and other industries across the globe. They are the world’s second-largest maker of aircraft engines and one of the world’s largest defense contractors. In 2017, when the buildings that Rolls-Royce occupies for their US Department of Defense contract needed a new roof, the REIT that owns the property (the largest in the US), contacted Nations Roof® about placing a bid for the work. This project was not only vast in its scale of how much square footage needed to be replaced, but due to the sensitive nature of the business conducted within the buildings, there were a multitude of challenges and complex logistics that the Nations Roof® team would need to overcome. Nations Roof® was ultimately awarded the multi-million-dollar project and set out to embark upon, what would later become, new safety precedents for Rolls-Royce on how things should be done.

About Nations Roof®

While many companies offer residential and commercial roofing perhaps in an effort to be a “jack of all trades”, Nations Roof® has remained focused on the commercial roofing industry. Sixteen years ago, three roofing executives recognized that commercial roofing was a largely underserved area of business and created the company, Nations Roof®. Since then, we have earned a top reputation for delivering consistently high-quality workmanship, exceptional customer service and award-winning safety standards.

Nations Roof® Is Awarded the Rolls – Royce Bid

It’s important to note that our commercial roofing bid wasn’t the lowest of the group. Our bid stood out because of our expertise, our award-winning safety procedures and our relationships with top roofing manufacturers in the US. This also wasn’t a project that Nations Roof® took on lightly. With significant risk involved regarding costs, logistics and timeline, all of which could potentially tarnish the solid reputation Nations Roof® has built over time, Nations Roof® put their best foot forward and rose to the occasion.

The Challenge

Safety Requirements

Due to the top security nature of business conducted within the buildings Nations Roof® would be working on, safety and security were of the utmost importance. Nations Roof® was required to comply to Rolls-Royce’s third-party safety team’s protocol. Fortunately, because Safety is Nations Roof®’s highest priority, it became clear early on that the client and our team had similar goals. Pre-construction meetings with Rolls-Royce, and our team to review safety rules and regulations set the foundation for a winning partnership.

During the project Nations Roof®:

  • Installed a roof safety railing system
  • Held daily safety meetings, working with Rolls-Royce’s safety team on the ground
  • Met and exceeded minimum OSHA safety requirements
  • Complied with all requirements and provided regular communication and updates through Nations Portal portal
  • Installed a wind-speed monitor for safety verification
  • Maintained an incident-free track record


The client required a high-degree of communication. Nations Roof® held daily safety meetings and provided daily reports via Nations FM client portal. Our crew worked together with Rolls-Royce’s employees to schedule materials deliveries. Our materials were being delivered at their docking bay so constant communication and coordination were required to ensure no interruption to Rolls-Royce’s scheduled deliveries and that Nations Roof® received all their materials at the right time, avoiding productivity loss for Rolls-Royce.

Training Requirements

Despite Nations Roof®’s impeccable safety record and the expertise of the hand-picked team, Rolls-Royce still required mandatory attendance of their training classes in addition to our own regular safety meetings. Attendance of the meetings took considerable planning, because the training classes were only held twice a month and security clearances had to be turned in 5 days before the class.


Rolls-Royce stipulated all workers needed to be US citizens and each worker had to complete a background check and obtain a Rolls-Royce identification card.  As each person entered the job site in the morning, Rolls-Royce’s security detail verified every ID before admittance was granted. We are proud to report that this entire security system functioned without fail during our time at their location.


With no rooftop access, the project relied upon diesel-driven articulating lifts that pulled materials to the topmost sections for immediate installation. But these were constrained by various parameters, such as lifts could not be used with 20 MPH winds and there was a max 500 lb. weight limit if the top floors were occupied.

Specialty lifts or cranes had to be brought in for the taller buildings because using a Power Beam wasn’t possible, so we met the challenge with innovative ideas from our crew. The winds did kick up at times and so the installation of a wind-speed monitor for safety verification helped keep track of wind speed.

Limit Impact to Business Operations

With buildings in use every day, this project needed to minimize impact to Rolls-Royce’s daily operations. This added yet another layer of complexity to the project. Any necessary closures were coordinated and planned with Rolls-Royce so that productivity could remain high. Work being carried out on a building with Rolls-Royce employees inside was always monitored and adjusted as necessary. Our experience and creative spirit managed this side of the project with flair. Most major projects don’t have employees that are trying to work around the construction job that’s happening.

The Solution

Roofing Material TPO Membrane

With 15 separate roofs to install, all virtually flat combined with cold weather installation, it was vital to pick a material that would be viable in lower temperatures and could cover vast areas. Rolls-Royce opted for a TPO membrane which is a reinforced thermoplastic single ply membrane. Nations Roof® suggested Johns Manville’s self-adhering material as the best one for the job because of its strong adhesive properties, it can be used in temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit and with fewer adjustments needed, there would be less waste.

This project was incredibly challenging for any commercial roofing contractor. Nations Roof® pulled together the best workers from our various locations with top minds and steady hands.  Often working in freezing temperatures and strong winds, we were able to deliver the project on time and within budget. Nations Roof® exceeded Rolls-Royce’s safety requirements and set a new bar. We were able to share with Rolls-Royce our successful procedures and in many instances, they have now implemented these standards for all contractors.

Gold Circle Winner for Safety Preparedness

We are proud of our crew for what they accomplished. Since completion of this project, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) has chosen this project as a Gold Circle Award Winner for Safety Preparedness. And Nations Roof® continues to deliver high-quality commercial roof installations, overcoming volatile weather conditions, adhering to strict safety parameters, and meeting every challenge head on. The Nations Roof® team is ready for your next project.

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