Thirsty Lion Gastropub & Grill, Portland, Oregon


Thirsty Lion Gastropub & Grill, Portland, Oregon

When a commercial roof reaches the end of its lifecycle just as you’re about to head into the rainy season, timing is of the essence to get it replaced before water damage ruins valuable kitchen equipment below and creates a potential safety hazard with mechanical and electrical systems, not to mention inconvenience to patrons.

This is exactly the situation the Thirsty Lion Gastropub & Grill in Portland, Oregon found themselves in last September. When Nations Roof got the call from Benchmark, Inc. a consulting company that manages the Thirsty Lion property, it was because they needed a commercial roofing company who could replace the roof in the required timeframe and without change orders. This project would have zero wiggle room in the budget for additional charges. Having just completed a 600,000 Sq. Ft. project for Cedar Rapids, Iowa based, Benchmark, Inc. with a high degree of customer satisfaction, it was clear that Nations Roof was more than capable of carrying out the job.

The Project Specifications

Initially planned for an adhered 60 mil PVC roof membrane in water-based membrane adhesive, the experts at Nations Roof recommended switching to a Sika Sarnafil self-adhered PVC membrane that would allow for installation in colder temperatures. The dilapidated asphalt roof would need to be torn off, along with the existing roof insulation, and all surfaces cleaned thoroughly to guarantee a strong adhesion of the Sika Sarnafil PVC membrane to the substrate.

The Project Challenges

Every job that Nations Roof tackles has its own unique set of challenges. Thirsty Lion Gastropub & Grill was no exception. With multiple HVAC and refrigeration units on the roof, not only did it require extra coordination to address the mechanical and electrical elements safely, the space in which to work was very constrained. Nations Roof erected a scaffold tower to remove debris, but with limited access to the roof, they had no choice but to set it up in the loading area. Nations Roof diligently coordinated with Thirsty Lion to avoid any interruption to planned deliveries, moving the dump truck as needed.

Here are some of the many challenges Nations Roof was able to overcome:

  • Inclement weather plagued this project from the very beginning. Nations Roof created a detailed plan to tackle small chunks at a time to allow for thorough and effective tie ins—once the bad weather hit, there was no telling how long it would be before the crew could return to the job. And with the business being in full operation during the re-roof project, it was critical that everything was watertight to prevent damage to the kitchen and dining areas below.
  • When the old asphalt roof was torn off, Nations Roof found ceiling tiles that had been glued directly to the underside of the plywood roof deck. Roofing technicians just going about doing their daily activities would cause the ceiling (that is actually the plywood roof deck) to flex and bow, causing displacement of some of the ceiling tiles. It was imperative that Nations Roof installed interior protection to prevent damage to the kitchen and dining areas below.
  • As the bad weather prevailed, the project became very delayed, much to everyone’s chagrin. Thirsty Lion agreed to a revised timeline, and Nations Roof commissioned a second crew to join the project to make up for the lost time.
  • Managing two separate teams can in of itself present challenges, navigating different management styles and varying methods of doing things. But the foremen were able to put egos aside and worked together to optimize the benefit of having two expert roofing teams on the job.
  • PVC doesn’t work well if it encounters asphalt and so when the old asphalt roof was removed, Nations Roof employed the use of leaf blowers and brooms to painstakingly remove all traces of asphalt. This ensured the new installation surfaces were spic and span, providing optimal conditions for the membrane to adhere to the substrate. After installation was complete, the crew performed another cleaning of the membrane to ensure there was no asphalt contamination and that the membrane was bright white.
  • With multiple penetrations and curbs, the installation required determination from the crew to carry out what can be very tedious work. See the photos below for an example of the precise detail work.

Adding another twist of complexity to the project, Thirsty Lion was also expanding their outside seating area at the same time the roof was being replaced. This involved an extra level of communication between Nations Roof and the general contractor to ensure the needs of both project teams were being addressed and making sure the safety of the project teams and the patrons were at the forefront of all work being carried out.

Satisfied Customer

Despite what felt like never-ending rain and a later than initially hoped for completion date, the customer was very happy. When the manufacturer’s representative for Sika Sarnafil came out to inspect the finished job they found zero issues for Nations Roof to address. It was a 100% clear punch list!

Nations Roof continues to reinforce its track record of award-winning safety, strong project management, communication skills and expert craftsmanship. Thirsty Lion stands as an example of how streamlined communications between the business owner, the roofing consultant, and all other tradesmen brought the project to successful fruition with zero incidents on the roof and zero punch list items from the manufacturer.

Nations Roof continues to lead by example, underscoring its position as the #1 commercial roofing company in the US. We welcome the opportunity to present a bid on your next project and to demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards of quality, safety, and expertise.

Nations Roof® Prevails

Nations Roof® takes extraordinary safety measures that have resulted in a stellar record of accident prevention over the years. The Miami Lakes project posed an immense challenge for any commercial roofing contractor, but Nations Roof® performed in its usual exemplary manner. The issues that Nations Roof® met and overcame are a powerful demonstration of its knowledge, expertise, and commitment to safety and why they continue to be the #1 commercial roofing company in the US.

Nations Roof® welcomes the opportunity to present a bid on your next project and to demonstrate their commitment to the highest standards of quality, safety, and expertise.

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