Roof Asset Management


In many ways the competitive contracting environment reflects the fragmentation of the roofing industry.  Among those that have recognized the need for Roof Management and rushed to fill that niche are software companies, consultants, manufacturers and of recently alliances and federations of contractors or consultants.  Many different infrastructures are in place in and outside the roofing industry that recognize the potential profit and value of Roof Management, yet few can deliver on a national basis economically like Nations Roof is able.

Nations RoofCare has a proactive approach to managing roofing assets for client's portfolios of properties.   Roof management is a program and a strategy that includes all of the services provided by Nations RoofCare, such as repairing, restoring, maintaining and when needed Nations Roof Construction replacing the client’s assets.

All of the portfolio data is analyzed and presented to customers in various formats and reports to enable our customers to make informed proactive, asset management decisions.  Decisions like how much to budget for capital replacements, how much to budget for repairs and maintenance, how to use an annual budget for each (capital, repairs and maintenance) benefits the portfolio owner.

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