A commercial roof maintenance checklist can help keep your roofing system properly maintained. Additionally, a preventive roof maintenance program may increase your building’s energy efficiency and help protect your structure from mold and dampness.

Through routine inspections and maintenance, the service life of a commercial or industrial roof is increased anywhere from 30% to 100%. But what does preventive roof maintenance mean?

Here is a basic inspection checklist that should be performed regularly.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance Checklist

During a maintenance visit, a local commercial roofer should inspect the entire roofing system.

Commercial Building Inspection

building inspection checklist

Inspections begin in the interior of the building. Inspectors look for signs of water stains, mold, corrosion, structural integrity issues, and other symptoms of instability in the building’s interior.

Visual Inspection of Rooftop Surfaces

Once the inspection moves to the roof surfaces, it is visually surveyed for issues that need to be addressed immediately. Obvious signs of damage on a roof surface might include the following:

  • Ponding water
  • Vegetation
  • Debris
  • Hail damage

Roof Perimeter 

During the visual inspection of the roof perimeter, the following points are examined:

  • Seams
  • Base flashing
  • Caps
  • Counter flashing
  • Roof corners
  • Coping
  • Termination bars
  • Coping joints

Gutter Systems

Gutter systems should be examined to ensure they are properly functioning and free of impediments. Failed gutters or clogged drains may lead to ponding. Standing water can lead to expensive damage – especially on roofs that are asphalt based.

Roof Plane (Field)

A thorough field inspection requires knowledge of commercial roofing systems.

For example, single-ply systems must be examined for tears in the membrane. But the fasteners and seals must be given attention on metal roofs.

All roofs must be thoroughly examined to see what steps need to be taken to protect the roof for another season.

Roof Penetrations 

roof preventative maintenance checklist

To prevent moisture damage, HVAC systems, roof vents, and other penetrations on the roof must be sealed. Any time new equipment is installed on a commercial roof, the roofing contractors should complete an inspection of the flashings.

Roof Core Samples

Core samples can tell the commercial roof inspector a lot about the age and quality of the roofing substrate.

What Is Included in a Roofing Inspection Report?

Once each part of the roof has been examined and tested, the roofing inspector will generate a report with the repairs or replacements needed, listed in order of priority.

The roof inspection report also typically includes:

  • The roof’s overall condition
  • The roof’s structural soundness
  • Areas of the roof that have been damaged or are failing
  • The findings of the core samples
  • Commercial roof maintenance suggestions
  • Photographs of the problem areas

The Value of a Professional Roof Maintenance Checklist

Minor flaws that are detected early can be corrected before causing structural damage. Call Nations Roof for a thorough 21-point inspection.

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