Nations RoofCare RoofGuard X-Press is a unique, easy to install rooftop guardrail system. This rooftop fall protection system is designed with pre-fabricated rail sections which can be installed and dismantled quickly for temporary applications, without sacrificing quality, durability and most importantly safety.

This unique system gives you the ability to design your own rooftop guardrail solution, allowing you to determine how much linear coverage you require.

RoofCare RoofGuard X-Press comes in two distinct rail lengths, the 8-foot rail length is powder coated in high-visibility safety yellow and the 6-foot rail sections are powder coated in grey. The yellow guardrail also serves as a warning sign for workers who get too close to the roof edge, allowing them to always be aware of where the danger is.

The system assist with keeping you in Compliance with Safety Regulations.

OSHA Standard:  29CFR 1926.501 – Duty to Have Fall Protection

OSHA Regulation:  1925.501(b)(1) - "Unprotected sides and edges." Each employee on a walking/working surface (horizontal and vertical surface) with an unprotected side or edge which is 6 feet (1.8 m) or more above a lower level shall be protected from falling by the use of guardrail systems, safety net systems, or personal fall arrest systems.

OSHA Regulation:  1926.502 – Guardrail Systems.



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RoofCare RoofGuard X-Press