Pre-Construction Site Inspections

Comprehensive Hazard Assessments

Proactive Project Safety Plans

Project Safety Awareness Boards

Monthly Safety Awareness Meetings

National Safety Committee

Local Safety Committees

Local Safety Directors

Personnel Injuries / Auto Accidents

Root Cause Investigation

Return to Work Programs


Daily Pre-task Hazard Assessments

Project Safety Audits / Inspections

Daily - Foreman

Weekly - Supervision

Monthly - Management

Quarterly - 3rd Party Safety Inspections

Progressive Disciplinary Program

Disciplinary Policies



Our investment in employee's education and safety equipment speaks to our commitment to safety.  Our safety inspections and audits reinforce our safety culture.

Personnel focus on the human cost of accidents by recognizing that all our employees (and their families) are entitled to a work environment which is free from hazards and exposures.


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Drug Free Workplace

New Hire Training

OSHA Certifications

Field Crews - OSHA 10

Supervisors – OSHA 30

Safety Training / Certifications

Driver Safety Programs