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Being on a shoreline, the roof’s storm water management is an important priority. Storm water that does not evapotranspirate from the roof is drained and collected and stored (in two 41,000 gallon cisterns) for re-use as part of the site and roof irrigation systems and building toilets.

This makes the site almost entirely porous with the green roof, pervious pavement, rain gardens and other planting areas combined.

Efficient irrigation, only required during the hottest part of summer, is distributed via dripline and is controlled by an evapotranspiration-adjusted irrigation controller. 

Tacoma, WA Garden Roof Project

Nations Roof successfully completed a garden roof in Tacoma, Washington at the Center for Urban Waters.  

The Center for Urban Waters is a research center, a collaboration, and a facility. It is a community of environmental scientists, analysts, engineers and policymakers developing creative and sustainable solutions to restore and protect urban waterways. ​