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The Typical Lifespan of a Commercial Roof: Roof Life Expectancy

What is the lifespan of commercial roof systems? We would love to give you a quick answer to this question. However, the answer is dependent on quite a few factors. So, here’s some basic information to help determine how long commercial roofs should last. […]


Top 5 Reasons for Using an Industrial Metal Roofing System 

Are you beginning to research the pros and cons of each commercial roofing material? Let’s examine metal roof systems. First, we’ll discuss the types and then give you some reasons that building owners invest in standing seam metal roof systems for their industrial buildings. […]


Commercial Roof Components: Glossary of Roofing Materials and Systems

While we can’t teach you all there is to know about the commercial roofing industry in a brief blog, here are some terms that might be helpful to know when having a conversation with your industrial roofing contractor. We’ll discuss the most popular types of commercial roofing systems, roof components, and other terms you might [...]


Hail Damaged Commercial Roof? Steps for Repair After a Storm

As tough as commercial roofing systems are, you may at one point experience a hail damaged commercial roof. In fact, even small hail can cause significant damage if it has the right shape and is accompanied by high winds. Additionally, the roof’s age is an essential factor in how it stands up to storms, as [...]


Extend Roof Lifespan: Proper Design, Materials & Maintenance Tips

We know you have a lot on your plate as a commercial building owner, building manager, or maintenance engineer. Besides the day-to-day tasks of your position, you also have the looming knowledge that the lifespan of your commercial roof will not last forever. In addition, you are acutely aware that roofing issues could disrupt the [...]


Roof Safety 101: Fall Protection Near Edges, Skylights & Hatches

As a building owner, you already know that the roof can be one of the most dangerous parts of your building. Approximately 36.5% of all deaths in the workplace occur as a result of falls. While everyone understands that many workplace falls happen by those working in the roofing industry, fall protection systems are essential [...]


Roof Maintenance Checklist for Commercial & Industrial Roofs

A commercial roof maintenance checklist can help keep your roofing system properly maintained. Additionally, a preventive roof maintenance program may increase your building’s energy efficiency and help protect your structure from mold and dampness. Through routine inspections and maintenance, the service life of a commercial or industrial roof is increased anywhere from 30% to 100%. [...]