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TPO vs EPDM: Types of Commercial Roofing Systems Compared

To educate our customers, we would like to take some time to compare two types of single-ply commercial roofing systems: TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) and EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer). We are often asked to compare TPO vs. EPDM commercial roofs, so here is the essential information you need to know about each system. […]


Roofing Protection Before a Storm: Guide to Avoid Roof Damage

Commercial roofing materials are made to stand up against harsh weather. But there are things you can do to achieve additional roofing protection for commercial roof systems. Here’s what facility managers can do to avoid roof damage caused by severe weather. […]


Roofing Warranties: Types of Warranties Offered by Manufacturers

If you have a significant investment in a commercial property, it’s important to know just exactly what your warranty does and does not cover. Here are some questions to ask, as roof warranties are a vital part of managing your commercial roof asset and budget. […]


Common Types of Roofs in Florida and Coastal Regions

If you have lived in Florida for a while, you know that Florida’s climate is brutal to residential roofing materials. If you are searching for a new home or considering a roof replacement project, you may be wondering what types of roofs in Florida are known to stand up to extreme heat, high humidity, heavy [...]


The Typical Lifespan of a Commercial Roof: Roof Life Expectancy

What is the lifespan of commercial roof systems? We would love to give you a quick answer to this question. However, the answer is dependent on quite a few factors. So, here’s some basic information to help determine how long commercial roofs should last. […]


Top 5 Reasons for Using an Industrial Metal Roofing System 

Are you beginning to research the pros and cons of each commercial roofing material? Let’s examine metal roof systems. First, we’ll discuss the types and then give you some reasons that building owners invest in standing seam metal roof systems for their industrial buildings. […]