• Liquid Applied Roofing is a waterproofing membrane constructed in place with resin and a reinforcing polyester that gets sprayed, or roller applied, usually in two separate coats.
  • Liquid Applied Roofing is suitable for all roof types – flat, sloped or domed and is ideal for confined urban spaces.
  • A liquid applied roof gets installed over an existing roof which eliminates the need for a tear off, helping to reduce landfill waste and offering a sustainable and renewable solution for roof restoration.
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  • Liquid Applied Roofing systems are a cost-effective way to restore a deteriorating, but functioning roof, into a longer-lasting, highly efficient weatherproofing system.
  • Liquid Applied Roofs are monolithic, which means there are no seams. By removing the primary source of leaks, it makes them an excellent option for waterproofing.
  • During installation, harmful or strong odors are at very low levels, and noise or general construction inconvenience is kept to a minimum, which means businesses can typically stay open while the work is being carried out.
  • Liquid Applied Roofs are highly reflective, reducing the roof surface temperature by 50-80F, which means less heat transfer into the building resulting in lower energy costs.
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