At Nations Roof® we have learned that all personnel play a role in the success of a project—our team and yours. Our streamlined Project Management process outlines from the beginning how our roles will work together to achieve excellence in our construction projects. With our standardized project planning process, a successful project begins before we even arrive at your facility.

  • All projects start with a pre-construction conference with your team and ours so that we have a clear understanding of the project goals, specifications, safety and all other details. A common vision helps unify the desired outcome.
  • Project planning includes a site-specific safety plan, quality plan, communications plan, reporting plan and change management plan.
  • Approaching a project with a collaborative mindset means we hold ourselves accountable to our clients throughout the duration of the project. A strong communication channel ensures that our results meet the client’s expectations.
  • As the project continues regular safety audits are conducted and manufacturer quality inspections are carried out.
  • Throughout the duration of the project, Nations Roof® is committed to working collaboratively to achieve excellence, which means we work diligently on any issues that may arise until they are resolved with a mutually beneficial and acceptable solution.
  • Our robust project close-out process means nothing gets left undone. The close out process involves ensuring that every requirement has been met, the site has been demobilized, and the warranty (s) have been issued.
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