At Nations Roof®, we believe that a company should operate with transparency and integrity. Our core values define what we stand for and what’s important to us. They unite our workforce and set the stage for our culture. We live by these core values each and every day—this is what you can expect from Nations Roof®, nothing less.

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  • Do the Right Thing – This means treating our valued customers, fellow employees and trusted suppliers the same way that we would like to be treated ourselves. We are committed to quality craftsmanship and materials to provide and extend the life of roofing systems. Our culture emphasizes safety in all aspects of our operations so that everyone can return home injury-free, to be with their families after a productive day of work.
  • Honest and Ethical – It hardly seems like this should need to be stated, but unfortunately, our industry isn’t necessarily known for its integrity. That is why we emphasize the importance to all of our team mates the importance of speaking truthfully and keeping our word. There will be times when we have to report difficult news, but with transparent and clear communication, we can identify potential issues, discuss options for the best course of action and determine solutions that are agreed upon and completed in a timely manner.
  • Humbly Confident – We are fortunate to have many knowledgeable, experienced people that know a lot about roofs on our team across the country, but we have to remember not everyone is as passionate or have the same level of expertise. So while we want to share our ideas, we know that we need to listen, learn and cooperate. Humility goes a long way and keeping our egos in check opens up room for continuous improvement in all phases of our business.
  • Accountable – There are many roles to fill at Nations Roof® and each of us needs to be held accountable for our own performance in order to meet the needs of our customers. Regardless of whether our responsibilities involve installing the roof, leading a crew, responding to an invoice concern, managing a project or directing the growth of our company, we are all expected to deliver results. To this end, we can make commitments and track the progress to achieve our mutual goals.
  • Team Player – Serving the roofing needs of our customers across this great nation, requires a high level of communication, cooperation and collaboration. Working together at the “speed of trust,” we can leverage our resources and speak with a single voice. Setting selfishness aside, we all win, when our customer wins!
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