Nations Roof® Enters Historic Partnership with U.S. Army

“Official signing ceremony with TPO roofing project agreement”

The formal signing ceremony that featured top U.S. Army officials and the Nations Roof® CEO, Rich Nugent, was a landmark event for the company as it joins other top U.S. firms that have partnered with the military in this unique arrangement.

Nations Roof® is now one of the U.S. based organizations that will work through the Army’s PaYS (Partnership for Youth Success) program that assures ex-military members the opportunity to begin a rewarding career in private industry. The alliance between Nations Roof® and the U.S. Army is a classic “win-win” arrangement because it does so much for each party in the agreement.

For the young people leaving Army service, there is the opportunity of starting a professional career in the private sector that pays well, offers a career path and utilizes the skills that Army training is famous for: diligence, dedication and integrity.

For Nations Roof®, a company whose core values include personal honesty, solid ethics, confidence, accountability, teamwork, and pride in a job well done, this new partnership with the U.S. Army is a golden opportunity for the company to hire work-ready candidates whose military training has prepared them well for the Nations Roof® culture, a core component of which is “to always do the right thing.”

The combined power of top corporations and the vast network of U.S. Army personnel around the world is a winning offensive in the fight for secure employment. Because corporate PaYS partners like Nations Roof® often appear alongside Army recruiters at public events, potential military recruits can witness the dedication the U.S. Army has to offering them a post-service career in the private sector. Prospective recruits quickly realize that there is life after the military, and a very good one at that.

Since the PaYS program has gone into effect, more than 250,000 recruits have entered the military because of the chance to sign on to both a military commitment and a post-Army job opportunity. PaYS is a program that works. It brings able, intelligent entrants into military service, delivers capable, skilled workers to private companies, and fulfills the service and career goals of young people who are just beginning their journeys into adulthood.

Nations Roof® is proud to be a part of this historic arrangement. The company’s CEO noted during the signing ceremony with top Army officials that Nations Roof® is committed to offering every qualified former soldier a job interview that could lead to full-time, permanent employment with the company. Toward the end of the ceremony, Mr. Nugent and the Army attendees watched as two new recruits were officially sworn into military service. Each young Army entrant had already signed on to the PaYS post-military job program.

At U.S. Army recruiting stations around the country, young people are finding out that a commitment to military service means more than two years of training and Army service. It also means they’ll have the opportunity for a new career after their service period is complete. And Nations Roof® is pleased to be able to give back to well deservin

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