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Summertime storms can wreak havoc on your commercial roof. Before your building gets hit with heavy rains, high winds, hurricanes, tornados, or blistering heat, it’s smart to be prepared with commercial roof repair and maintenance services. From making sure your roof receives regular maintenance to inspecting your roof after turbulent weather, read on to find out how you can protect your roof, building, and property. 

Let’s start with regular inspections. From the top of the roof to the building’s interior ceilings, be familiar with your building’s condition, including siding, windows, gutters. No matter what part of the country you’re in or the bad weather you’re used to dealing with, doing a quick inspection of the exterior and interior of your building is smart if you know a storm is coming. That way, you’ll recognize if there’s any new damage after a storm. During your inspections, make a note and keep a running log of anything you notice. 

Summer Storms and Roof Issues

Leaking roofs can show up with water spots on the ceiling or water on the floor. Quite often, the culprit is the flashing. Sometimes the installation was incorrect, or the sealants around the pipes are cracked or missing, so the seal isn’t adequate, which causes water to penetrate your building. Faulty flashing installation is a common issue that can cause roof leaks. Also, check the pitch pans to make sure they’re not holding water or have become cracked and are now leaking. 

Beware of any standing water because that can cause the roof materials to wear out faster. See if you can tell the source of the standing water. Look for any clogged drains or even an HVAC unit that needs commercial roof repair services and maintenance services. When the drains, gutters, and HVAC units are clear of debris and clogs – that’s good for your roof and helps eliminate the possibility of standing water. 

And if you’re preparing for a big storm, it’s always a good idea to have an emergency plan in place. If you know certain parts of your building could flood, make sure no inventory or equipment could get damaged. Pick up anything off of the floor, and in case of massive flooding, have sandbags handy. Move anything from under large trees and make sure any external fuel containers are safely secured. 

Storm Preparedness

High winds and rains can damage flashing, remove shingles, damage roof membranes, and rip or loosen seams. Any falling branches or debris can puncture your roof and result in major damage quickly. It’s good preventive maintenance to have the trees around your commercial roof trimmed back and remove any dead branches. That way, they won’t be flying off and dropping on your roof in the next storm. 

When you’re making any inspections before or after harsh weather, make sure to use caution and treat the roof with care. Don’t drop heavy tools or walk too hard on the more delicate areas. If you have skylights – check the seals and make sure they are airtight. Another thing to bring up about repairs is the advantage of using a qualified roofing contractor like Nations Roof. When your contractor knows your building and performs regular inspections and maintenance, your commercial roof can last years longer, saving you thousands of dollars. 

Roof Inspections After the Storm

Once a storm hits, be prepared to inspect your roof again after it passes through. From your previous inspections, you’ll know if there are any changes. Check inside for any water spots on the ceilings or leaks on the floors. And you can always call on Nations Roof for any inspections, so you don’t have to worry about climbing on the roof or having your staff do it. The same goes for after a heatwave – take a look at your roof to make sure everything is in good repair, and there are no leaks from any HVAC units, broken seals, damaged materials from the intense UV rays of the sun. 

Whether you find issues with your roof before or after a storm or heatwave, have even the smallest problems fixed right away before they become significant issues. A well-kept roof keeps moisture out of your building, and your staff and property safe and secure. Also, ensure that the materials used for roof installation or repair are of the highest quality. Those materials will carry you through much safer in harsh weather conditions. 

Trust Nations Roof For Commercial Roof Repair Services

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