Nations Roof has raised the bar once again, when it comes to the safety of their crews on the roof and everyone below. We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Tie Down Engineering. This alliance further underscores Nations Roof’s commitment to safety protocols and using the latest developments in safety equipment.

Tie Down Engineering is a manufacturer of roof safety rails and skylight screens.  For over five decades Tie Down Engineering’s team has been designing innovative safety and roofing tools, powered by a facility with over 700,000 square feet of manufacturing muscle, making them an industry leader in solving customer problems and keeping people safer.

A common misconception that fall protection is just for roofing contractors is not the case; it is for everyone who is on the roof.  And because of that, OSHA has set requirements to reduce hazards on rooftops overall.  Building owners are being held responsible for OSHA violations that could be avoided if proper safety systems are in place.

The four most common areas of safety oversight are:

  • Guard rails at the perimeter of buildings without parapet walls
  • Skylight screens
  • Roof hatch rails
  • Walkway pads

Guard Rail Systems provide fall protection near the edge of buildings and allow work to get completed on a roof without the use of personal restraint devices.

  • Tie Down Engineering provides non-penetrating base plates and rails that meet the OSHA requirements
  • The rails may also be used to provide barriers around rooftop equipment
  • These guard rail systems are configurable to any shape and building size

Skylight Screens prevent falling through rooftop skylights without imposing on the amount of sun that enters the building

  • Available with various forms of attachment to the skylights
  • Custom-designed to fit any size of skylight
roofhatch - Nations Roof Reinforces Safety-First Philosophy by Partnering with Tie Down Engineering

Roof Hatch Rails

  • Ascending or descending through a roof hatch can be one of the most dangerous steps taken on a roof.
  • Roof hatch rails can safely assist people as they get on or off the roof through a hatch.
  • Roof hatch rails also protect from falls through the hatch when it is open, and people are on the roof.
  • Different configurations and attachment types are available to match any roof hatch.

Walkway Pads

  • Common single-ply roofing membranes are often slick surfaces, especially when wet.
  • Walkway pads help protect against accidental punctures of the roof membrane while contractors like HVAC technicians are working on the roof and reduce the potential for slip and fall incidents.
  • They are available in materials that are compatible with all roofing membranes – TPO, PVC, EPDM, and modified bitumen.

Partnering with Tie Down Engineering means that Nations Roof can provide the utmost in safety and hazard prevention while delivering quality craftsmanship and world-class customer service. Call your Nations Roof representative today 866-906-8015 to schedule a roof inspection that includes a complete safety audit.

Artboard 3 1 - Nations Roof Reinforces Safety-First Philosophy by Partnering with Tie Down Engineering