Since starting out over fifteen years ago, Nations Roof® has earned a solid reputation for delivering consistently good value, high-quality workmanship, supported by exceptional customer service and award-winning safety standards. But don’t just believe us— look at what our happy customers are saying…

Conquering the Ultimate Snow Removal Job

5.0 stars - Written on April 4, 2023

From a Vice President of Property Management for one of the largest commercial real estate corporations in the US:

“I want to thank you for getting immediate action with the initial crew, and then bringing additional support when we realized the amount of work that is ahead of us. Thank you for treating [our company] as a priority. That goes with me a long way and that is why I have enjoyed working with Nation’s Roof for approximately 15 years.

Whenever I’ve had a disastrous situation, you guys have always been there for me! There are not a lot of contractors in this world I can say that about, probably not even a handful. Nations Roof is certainly one of the best.


Our consultant passed our new roof with flying colors!

5.0 stars - Written on December 21, 2021

From a Facility manager for one of the largest property managers in the US:

“Thank you again for all of your support on the Elmwood project. Your strong communication skills were greatly appreciated and made everything run smoothly on our end. Your response time on any and all concerns was always prompt. As discussed, our consultant passed our new roof with flying colors! We look forward to having Nations on board for future repair work and joining the bid process on re-roofs.
Happy holidays!”

the crew leader did not miss a step

5.0 stars - Written on December 23, 2021

From the Branch Manager of a Fortune 500 company who had a persistent problem with their gutters before they contacted Nations Roof:


As of yesterday the gutter repair and heat cable project has been completed. Jason Douglas, Nations Roof, came back to day to inspect the electrical work including taking pictures inside, outside and from the roof for required documentation.

I would like to report that this project, once it got started, was probably the best run, organized projects since I have held this position. Jason provided daily updates, his crew were very friendly, courteous and the days that Jason was not able to here, the crew leader did not miss a step. The electricians were awesome. The neatness of their work was spot on, and their daily communications were also very appreciated.

The smoothness of this job was orchestrated by Jason Douglas of Nations Roof.

Both groups appeared to follow all safety protocols and at the end of everyday spent time organizing and clean up, getting ready for the next day. When they left for the day the only evidence that work was being done was the scissor lift and man lift on site.

So in closing let me say, “let it snow!” We are so looking forward to not having to squeegee the water out of the building from the faulty gutters.

Merry Christmas!”

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