Nations Roof Receives Walgreens Business Excellence Award

Walgreens 2022 Business Excellence Award

Walgreens 2022 Business Excellence Award

In the past year, Nations Roof has installed 86 roofs on Walgreens stores in such an outstanding way that they have recognized Nations Roof with their 2022 Business Excellence Award. In particular, Walgreens honored Nations Roof for three distinguished areas of excellence:

Safety: For identifying and addressing potential hazards, then implementing measures to reduce the risk to customers, employees and crew members.
Quality: Excellence in craftsmanship for the installation of roofing systems that are subject rain, snow, high winds and hurricanes.
Communication: Nations Roof distinguished itself as a company by being able to communicate effectively on the status and progress of projects that were challenged by interruptions to the supply chain and severe weather events.

Congratulations to all who played a role in delivering outstanding service to Walgreens in order to be honored with this award. Special thanks to Dan Keating National Account Manager; Chris Drumm, National Construction Director; and to the Florida business units that did the majority of the projects.

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