The goal of this article is to tell you how metal roofing used for commercial buildings is made. First, we’ll discuss how the giant coils of metal end up being formed for metal roofing systems. Then, we’ll inform you of the different fastening methods commonly used on a commercial metal roof. 

Metal Roof Materials and Manufacturing

Galvanized or galvalume steel, copper, aluminum, and tin are often used for metal roofs. Of course, the manufacturing process depends on the commercial metal roofing company. But here’s the general idea of what that looks like, according to one manufacturer of metal panels. 

Giant rolls of metal coils are first coated to prevent rust and damage from prolonged outdoor exposure. 

Then, the coils are placed on an “uncoiler” and fed into a heated machine that forms the metal panels. Finally, the panels are cut to precise lengths. 

The results are metal roofing panels ready to be installed on your commercial building or residential property.

Fastening Systems for Metal Roofs

There are two main types of fastening systems for metal roofing material: standing seam metal roofing with hidden fasteners or exposed fastening systems. 

Standing seam metal roofing with hidden fastener

Standing seam systems join the edges of adjacent panels in a single-fold, double-fold, or snap-fit. A standing seam metal roof uses a concealed fastener. This is the most common system for modern metal roofs. 

The metal panel is either attached to the roof deck using a concealed clip or directly fastened to the deck under the vertical leg. The benefit of using this type of metal roof installation method is that no holes are drilled into the metal.

Standing seam metal roofing is built to last for decades. However, like all roofing materials and systems, periodic, professional maintenance is required on standing seam panels. 

commercial metal roof

Exposed fastener metal roof

Consider an exposed fastener metal roof system if you are looking for the least costly metal roofing for commercial use. 

During installation, screws are drilled into the face of the metal sheet into the framing or roof deck. 

This type of system doesn’t last as long as a standing seam roof panel system with hidden fasteners because the exposed screws can back out, or the gaskets can break down over time. But, of course, period maintenance performed by a commercial roofing company can prolong the life of this system

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Key Takeaways About Metal Roof Manufacturing and Installation

  • Rolls of galvanized steel or galvalume steel, copper, aluminum, and tin are often used to create metal roof panels.
  • The metal is coated before the material is formed into panels.
  • Two main types of fastening systems exist: standing seam roofing with hidden or exposed fasteners.