6600 Main Street, Miami FL


6600 Main Street, Miami FL

Over the past 50 years, the Graham Company in South Florida has designed, built, and developed Miami Lakes, a master-planned community of 3,000 acres. The town features a mix of commercial, residential and industrial properties including hotels, apartments, restaurants, golf and athletic clubs, spas and farms. The latest addition to the community is the town’s largest “fit and finished” project; an all-new apartment building in the heart of downtown. At eight stories high, a mansard pitch of 8/12 and requiring two different roofing systems, the roof installation would require a highly experienced commercial roofing company.

The Selection of Nations Roof®

On a high profile project like this, Graham Company, could not risk having a problem with the installation of the roof. They needed a contractor that could meet the quality and safety requirements as well as overcome construction delays that pushed the roofing work right into the rainy season. Nations Roof®, who has worked with this owner in the past, was selected after presenting a plan, safety protocols and experience with complex projects like this, along with a competitive price.

Since starting out over fifteen years ago, Nations Roof® has earned a strong reputation for delivering high-quality workmanship, consistently good value, exceptional customer service and award-winning safety standards. In a single year, Nations Roof® made over a $2 million investment in safety rails and personal protective equipment (PPE) for all workers. This underscores their commitment to safety. Nations Roof® has been recognized by the National Roofing Contractors Association, receiving the Gold Circle Award for Quality Workmanship and Risk Management in previous years.

Many contractors install tile, but to do so on an 8/12 pitch eight stories high at the end of an executive airport runway, requires a site-specific safety plan that takes into consideration many risks.  Safety is the first priority, not a second thought at Nations Roof®. 

Here are some of the many precautions their in-house safety director worked into their plan:

  • Safety markers and signage on the street to alert but not impede traffic
  • Mandatory 100% fall restraint systems to protect all on the roof from potential falls
  • Full time spotter to watch for crossed safety lifelines and planes taking off or landing
  • Weekly toolbox safety talks to apprise the crews of new worksite conditions
  • Continuous open communication with the GC’s safety director

Adding to the complexity of this project, there is a 52,700 square foot low slope roof over lightweight insulated concrete that needed to be addressed. Nations Roof® worked closely with representatives at Carlisle Syntec to deliver a 60 mil TPO roofing system that meets the stringent Miami Dade building codes. A separate crew, trained and experienced in the installation of TPO systems, took on this challenge, while another experienced crew installed the 80,000 sq. ft. of Boral Barcelona Dessert Spice on the pitched roof. The crews for both the low-slope and steep-slope sections of the roof were composed entirely of in-house roof technicians, without any sub-contractors. Graham Company was able to put the responsibility of installing both systems into the hands of one, able roofing contractor, Nations Roof®.

Nations Roof® Prevails

Nations Roof® takes extraordinary safety measures that have resulted in a stellar record of accident prevention over the years. The Miami Lakes project posed an immense challenge for any commercial roofing contractor, but Nations Roof® performed in its usual exemplary manner. The issues that Nations Roof® met and overcame are a powerful demonstration of its knowledge, expertise, and commitment to safety and why they continue to be the #1 commercial roofing company in the US.

Nations Roof® welcomes the opportunity to present a bid on your next project and to demonstrate their commitment to the highest standards of quality, safety, and expertise.

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