Resurgens Plaza


Resurgens Plaza

In early 2019 RAM Consulting contacted Nations Roof to bid on their client’s (Zeller Realty) reroofing project for an upscale high-rise office complex in Atlanta, Georgia. Nations Roof was one of only a few handpicked roofing contractors asked to submit a bid. The project would require reroofing three roof sections: two wing roofs on the 14th Floor and the main roof on the 27th Floor. With restricted roof access, it was going to require meticulous planning for material disposal, and contingencies for inclement weather as work would need to start during the winter months. Nations Roof was a natural choice after presenting a competitive bid with a comprehensive plan, award-winning safety protocols, and a team of experts highly experienced in similarly logistically challenging projects.


  • Install a new garden roof on the 14th Floor, east wing consisting of new adhered 2.5” ISO, ½” HD board cover board, and Sarnafil 60 mil PVC adhered with an ELD system embedded between the cover board and the membrane.
  • Nations Roof worked with the GC to create a plan for waterproofing the new structural steel system to support the plaza deck that was part of the Green Roof system on the east wing.
  • Install the same Green Roof system on the 14th Floor, west wing, in preparation for when a garden roof would be installed further down the line.
  • On the 27th Floor, Nations Roof installed adhered 2.5” ISO and HD cover board, followed by the installation of a 60 mil self-adhered Sarnafil PVC.
  • Multiple bids were submitted, but only Nations Roof could meet the timeline, stringent safety regulations, expertise, and quality standards set by Zeller Realty.


Work began during the winter, which meant inclement weather contingencies were a daily consideration and restricted roof access required workarounds to dispose of old roofing tile and bring in the new roofing materials.


  • Before installation of the new roof could take place, the existing roof, an IRMA paver system over a grace Bituthene® self-adhered membrane would need to be removed from both the 14th and 27th Floor roofs.
  • The only way down to dispose of the old pavers was to use the freight elevator—but getting to the freight elevator would put Nations Roof’s expertise to the test, carrying debris by hand through the finished hallway spaces ensuring not to damage any property during the process.
  • On the 27th Floor, once the tiles got removed, the roofing crews carefully carried them through the penthouse, down two flights of stairs, through an interior hallway, and into the freight elevator.
  • All new materials for the 27th Floor were delivered to the roof using the same route, but only having to go up two flights of stairs and out onto the roof through the penthouse.
  • On the 14th Floor, windows got removed to gain access to the two wing roofs for disposal of the old tiles. A remodel of the 14th Floor happening simultaneously as the new roof installation required extra diligence from Nations Roof to coordinate access with the other contractors, who might be working in the same hallways to avoid conflicts and possible interruptions to work.


  • Precipitation presented one of the most significant challenges for the Nations Roof team, having to waterproof the tie back anchors for the gantry that the window washers use.
  • Due to the location of the anchors below the existing roof system, Nations Roof needed to design a clad box with an access panel at the top to allow access to the anchors while maintaining a warrantable condition.
  • Battling freezing temperatures, heaters were used on the roof to help the adhesives set up promptly.
  • Each day the Nations Roof team would need to seal the new roof to the vapor barrier to prevent water penetrating the new roof system.

All projects are unique in their way, but one consistent thing is Nations Roof’s ability to deliver high-quality work, award-winning safety protocols, world-class customer service, and competitive pricing. The finished project resulted in happy clients and a Project of the Year award from the manufacturer Sarnafil—another job well done by Nations Roof!

Nations Roof welcomes the opportunity to present a bid on your next project and to demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards of quality, safety, and expertise.

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