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5 Commercial Roofing Services Your Building Needs Immediately

commercial roofing services

As a business owner, you may spend your day putting out fires to ensure that your business operation continues to run smoothly. We understand that commercial roofing services are probably far from your mind – unless you notice a small leak and require repairs.

Even though it may be easier to bury your head in the sand regarding your commercial roof, having a relationship with an excellent commercial roofing contractor to care for all your roofing needs is the most prudent course of action.

Here’s what Nation’s Roof, your local commercial roofing services company, can do for you to ensure you don’t have any nasty roof-related surprises.

Asset Management

Do you need help understanding the health of all your commercial buildings? Nations Roof will inspect and analyze each commercial building in your portfolio. This knowledge will enable you to set priorities, create budgets for short and long-term initiatives, and plan for roof replacement.

You’ll have a better understanding of your commercial property, will feel confident that you meet all building codes, and won’t be surprised by the expense of a new roof.

Preventive Maintenance

Once our commercial roofing company has inspected your properties, we can begin a preventive maintenance plan for your commercial roofs.

We’ll create a 21 Point Checklist with recommended repairs listed in order of priority with pricing. You review the information and decide on what work gets performed and when. You’ll save money and time when you address a small roof leak before it turns into a significant problem. Furthermore, frequent visits will enable us to catch new damage (perhaps created by severe weather or others on the roof) in a timely manner. This is the most cost-effective way to handle roof work.

On-Demand Services

Regardless of your best-laid plans, sometimes commercial roofing projects can’t be predicted. For that reason, Nation’s Roof offers on-demand service, including:

  • Emergency services or disaster response
  • Small-scope projects
  • Warranty service programs
  • Purchase order: time and material
  • Estimated onsite repair
  • Snow removal

Other Commercial Roofing Services

Sometimes you need the expertise of commercial roofing contractors for other reasons than to complete a roofing project.

Perhaps you need a Certified Professional Roofing Inspector for your insurance company. Maybe you need advice when you are preparing to purchase an additional building. Perhaps you need certified commercial roofing companies to complete material testing or do an energy savings analysis to lower your energy bills.

When you need the advice and expertise of experienced professionals, contact Nations Roof.

Specialty Products

As a commercial roofing contractor, we do much more than install, maintain and repair your roofing system. We also can help you with specialty commercial roofing materials and products that are useful on a flat roof.

We can help you with the following:

  • Building envelope services
  • Exterior drainage systems
  • Roof hatch railing system
  • A permanent safety rail system
  • Skylight guard system
  • Tenant improvements
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Grease guards
  • Pre-fabricated pipe supports

Contact Nations Roof, Your Local Commercial Roofing Contractor

Nations Roof offers quality workmanship at a fair price. We have experience with your roofing systems, and we are ready to provide you with a free inspection of your commercial building. Fill out the contact form on our website, and roofing problems will soon become a thing of the past.

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