Commercial Roof Installation: Key Factors in 2024

commercial roof installation

Commercial roofing systems are constantly improving. Year after year, the industry advances and improvements are made to commercial roofing materials and systems. But when it comes to commercial roof installation – one thing is critical. You must select a commercial roofing contractor with longevity in the industry and a solid reputation. Quality design and installation are key to a long-lasting roof – no matter the commercial roofing system.

Key Factors for Commercial Roof Installation

How do you select a contractor for a roofing installation project? Here are key factors to consider in 2024 and beyond.

A focus on quality

Here are some guidelines for selecting a roofing company dedicated to quality installation:

  • Ensure the company insists on high-performance roofing systems made by top-tier manufacturers. 
  • Work with contractors dedicated to extending the life of your roofing system rather than replacing it prematurely.
  • Choose a company that insists on a manufacturer inspection on all re-roof projects to confirm that the installation method meets the warranty requirements. 
  • Select a contractor with a proven safety record.

Finally, select a company that emphasizes maintenance and routine roof inspections – especially one that stands behind its work.

Expert-level knowledge of each roofing system

There are many different types of roofing systems for commercial buildings. When choosing a contractor for installation, select one with experience in all kinds of systems, including the following:

Only those with experience and detailed knowledge of each commercial roof system can choose the right roofing material and system for your building. Building use, energy efficiency goals, and local climate are factors to consider. 

roofing system

Streamlined service

Commercial roofs don’t just happen overnight. A commercial roof installation project requires a great deal of planning and organization, starting with a pre-project conference that discusses project goals, specifications, safety, communications, and all other details. 

Regular safety audits and inspections must be conducted. And once the installation is complete, there must be assurance that every requirement has been met. 

National presence 

Building owners with assets in many states appreciate working with one company for all their roofing needs, so it’s essential to find an expert in the roofing industry with a national presence. However, there must be insight into local building codes and state regulations. 

Nations Roof has a commitment to quality and industry knowledge and is continuously expanding its footprint across the country to serve its customers better. Besides having service specialists and a dedicated Nations Roof®Care™ service department in all local offices, Nations Roof also has a National Service Center, which serves as a customer service hub for clients with multiple facilities.

Nations Roof has experience with every type of commercial roofing system in the industry. We are the commercial roofers you can depend on for quality, streamlined service, and excellent customer service at a local and national level. Contact Nations Roof today to schedule a consultation to discuss your roofing needs.

Key Factors of Commercial Roofing Installation

  • Choose a company with deep experience in all types of roof systems – from metal roofs to modified bitumen systems. 
  • Consider a national roofing company with local customer service departments for your needs. 
  • Every part of the installation process is critical – from the roof deck to the roof membrane. Choose a company that is focused on the details. 

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