Should you sign up for a preventive roof maintenance program for your commercial roof? Learn how a periodic inspection by a roofing contractor can help you avoid expensive problems down the road.

What are the benefits of preventive roof maintenance?

A preventive maintenance plan is a proactive choice for managing your roofing system. Here are some benefits you can anticipate from signing up for a preventive maintenance program.

  • Extend the lifespan of your commercial roof
  • Avoid future emergency repairs
  • Have an up-to-date knowledge of your roof’s condition
  • Avoid soft costs resulting from roof problems, such as production downtime and decreased tenant or employee morale
  • Reduce the likelihood of slip and fall accidents
  • Reduce the likelihood of interior damage

In addition, preventive maintenance programs are sometimes required under your roofing warranty.

What should you expect from your preventive maintenance program?

Not all preventive roof maintenance programs are the same—demand thorough inspections.

First, your contractor should gather baseline data following an on-site visual inspection to evaluate the current condition of your commercial roofs. These inspections should take time and be followed by an inspection report.

The inspection report for each building should include a list of repairs needed in order of priority and pricing. This valuable information will help you form a plan of attack to extend your roof’s life.

Once the necessary repairs are made, you can schedule routine commercial roof inspections based on the age and condition of your roof.

Is a maintenance plan for a commercial roof essential?

Yes, sometimes maintenance plans are required for you to follow the terms of the roofing system manufacturer’s warranty. But, besides that, you need to consider the money you spend on routine maintenance as a prudent financial decision.

One study conducted by Duns Review reports that scheduled maintenance on commercial roofing is one-third the cost of emergency repairs. In addition, the service life of a roof is increased anywhere from 30% to 100% when preventative maintenance is performed, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and the American Institute of Plant Engineers Association for Facilities Engineers (AIPE/AFE).

A preventive maintenance program will:

  • reduce the likelihood of expensive structural damage caused by cracks, water pools, or loose flashing.
  • make sure that your gutters are clear and functioning correctly.
  • reduce the likelihood of mold growth.
  • protect your structure from rain, melting snow, and harmful UV rays.
  • improve the safety of your rooftop by removing debris.
  • stop small leaks from becoming areas of concern.
  • help you save thousands on emergency repairs.
  • ensure your roof lasts longer by making sure that any necessary repair is completed.
  • help you form a relationship with an industry expert who can offer advice and support when a quick fix is needed.

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