We know that the number one consideration of those who are facing a commercial roof repair is cost. After all, you probably understand how commercial roof services have to be completed by highly trained professionals using specialized equipment and materials.

While we would love to give you a straightforward answer to the question “how much does it cost to replace a commercial roof?” we first need to explain the factors that need to be considered before giving a quote on the job.

Factors to Consider for Roofing Repair Costs

Please understand that when you reach out to Nations Roof, your local commercial roof company, we will give our honest feedback on whether it is more cost-effective to complete commercial roofing repairs or an entire roof replacement.

Here are some of the factors we consider when bidding on a project.

Type of Roof

Not every company that completes industrial roof repairs works with every type of roofing material. At Nations Work, we have a wide range of expertise, including flat or sloped roofs using the following systems:

Roof Access

Another consideration that is used when determining the cost of a commercial roof repair is roof access. The commercial roof repair companies that give you a quote base it on the height of the building and whether or not that are problems with property access or material storage areas.

For example, a business roof repair project will cost more for a 20-story building in downtown Manhattan than a warehouse in Kansas – even if the roofs are the exact same size.

Condition of the Existing Roof

If the roof damage was caught early, there might be minor damage to the materials underneath the top layer. So our team of commercial roofing experts will use infrared technology or other moisture detecting equipment to help identify trapped moisture. From that, we will determine if we need to replace the insulation, cover board, or other substrate materials.

Code Requirements

It’s essential that you hire a business roof repair company that knows the local requirements for roofing systems. The cost of commercial roof repair or replacement is determined by these codes. For example, buildings in Florida must be roofed to withstand 150-mile-per-hour hurricane-force winds.

These four key factors in determining the cost of a commercial roof replacement scratch the surface on assessing the cost of your project. Of course, the size of the roof and whether it is a high-priority job may also determine the project’s cost. At the high end, commercial roof replacement may cost up to $18 per square foot.

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