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Windstream, Macon

Windstream Communications is an industry leader in the telecommunications sector providing voice and data network communications to both homes and businesses nationwide.

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The Players

The equipment under their roofs normally run in the millions of dollars to replace if damaged by water infiltration making dry buildings with high quality, performing roofs a critical factor in their operations plan.  Many of their buildings have a significant investment by Windstream in the old school copper phone lines, including the 911 emergency phone network.

CBRE is one of the industry leaders in the commercial real estate management, leasing and investment sectors with a nationwide as well as international coverage for their clients.  CBRE is a leading provider of facilities management for their client, Windstream Communications.  Based on Nations Roof® comprehensive, turn-key roofing solutions including repairs, service and replacement, we work with CBRE clients under client tailored Master Service Agreements (MSA’s).

The Challenge

A small tornado had swept through the town of Gordon, Georgia around 3:30 p.m. on April 3, 2017, and Windstream officials suspected that it had caused a leak at a remote switch building facility. The facility is only 1,500 square feet but must be kept watertight since it houses a significant number of telecommunications equipment that keeps the phones operational, including the 911 emergency phone system. Time was critical, because if any of these connections were damaged, it would have shut down the company’s emergency phone system.

While the extent of the damage was unknown, Windstream needed an immediate response and called the Nations Roof® National Service Center at 800-444-ROOF to report the leak. At 7 p.m., less than four hours after the tornado hit, Nations Roof® dispatched a service team led by Randy Axelson, National Accounts Manager, and primary contact for all CBRE/Windstream locations. The team discovered that in addition to a leak, there was extensive damage to the roof, walls, and perimeter of the facility, as well as debris scattered throughout.

The Solution

Our crew made temporary repairs to prevent water from damaging the inside of the building, then sent photos with a description of the damage through NationsFM, our proprietary online portal that allowed us to communicate with our contact, the ISP engineer at Windstream. By sending the images, and providing a detailed description of the damages, we were able to explain what had happened, and organize the necessary resources required to restore the building.

We expressed the need for immediate action and communicated the steps we would be taking to complete the job. We were authorized to proceed, and the next morning, a crew of 10 arrived on site with roofing materials for permanent repair, as well as materials and equipment to fix the walls and soffits.

The client contact responsible for the site shared some thoughts with us why it is important to have a partner who understands the need for quality and timely repairs, particularly in emergency situations. With telecom sites, no news is good news when it comes to roofing. He expressed that they would be in big trouble if they lose a telecom building due to water penetration and need to count on trusted partners who can deliver when it is needed most. One of his main philosophies was not to protect a dollar with a dime…..and we couldn’t agree more when you evaluate what could be at risk, particularly in this situation.

Within three days, Nations Roof® rebuilt the walls and installed a new roof, ensuring that the work met all local engineering codes and structural requirements.

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