MOBILE, AL, 24 April 2023

The goal of the My Safe Florida Home Program (MSFH) is to help single-family homeowners obtain a professional inspection to ensure their homes are hurricane ready. Nations Roof has been selected to complete these on-site inspections – at no cost or obligation to the homeowner.

The leadership team of Nations Roof is proud to participate in this program designed to protect single-family homes. The program aligns with the company’s core values – to provide high-quality workmanship supported by exceptional customer service and award-winning safety standards. 

Here’s how the program MSFH works:

First, Florida homeowners must sign up for the program at Then, an inspection company will contact the homeowner to schedule a free consultation.

Homeowners will receive a detailed report identifying the home’s strengths and weaknesses against high winds. Then, if improvements are needed, qualified homeowners may apply for an MSFH grant to help reduce the cost of wind upgrade improvements. 

The work will be completed by Nations Roof or another state-approved contractor chosen by the homeowner.

Once the improvements are completed, the home will be re-inspected.

Nations Roof MSFLH 600x400 - Nations Roof Is Named As an Official Participant in the MY SAFE FLORIDA HOME Program

Homeowners who qualify for a grant based on household income will have no up-front or out-of-pocket costs. Instead, the funds to pay for the improvements will go directly to your contractor. 

Homeowners who do not qualify for the income-based grant can spend $5,000 and obtain $10,000 worth of improvements. 

Upgrades may include installing reinforcements in the roof-to-wall connections and secondary water resistance for the roof. Selected contractors may also improve the strength of the roof deck attachments and assist with exterior door and window upgrades. 

In addition, homeowners who participate in this program may qualify for lower home insurance premiums. 

Learn more about the program, as well as answers to FAQs, by visiting the program’s website

For more information about Nations Roof’s residential roofing program in Florida, fill out a contact form on the company website. 

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