roofing contractor imageOur industry is experiencing truly unprecedented volatility due to insufficient raw materials, manufacturing delays, and shortages. Consequently, cost increases and delivery date changes are being implemented weekly by our suppliers and this is affecting our ability to accurately predict the final costs and timing of many roof projects. Nations Roof is working closely with our suppliers throughout the supply chain to secure needed materials, expedite deliveries, and control costs, but we, and other roofing contractors, have some limitations on the amount of control we can exert over manufacturers on our client’s behalf at this time.

Historically, we submit a purchase order and receive a firm delivery date, and all the needed materials and accessories are delivered within a few weeks. Right now, we are looking at 6-8 weeks minimum, and often 10-12 weeks or more for delivery. These lead times are due in part to shortages of raw materials for roofing membranes but are further complicated by limited availability of metal for fasteners and plates. We are also experiencing a reduced supply of POLYISO (roofing insulation/cover board/underlayment) and low-rise foam adhesives which are in particularly high demand right now. Their lack of immediate availability may push back job start dates as they are all important system components for code and warranty compliant roof installations.

Your Nations Roof representative would be glad to discuss the challenges we’re facing and how this may affect your project, and we hope you can appreciate our effort to provide guidance and insights on the current market conditions. We want to keep our valued customers informed so together we can take the necessary steps to plan, prepare, and protect all from increased costs and potential delays.

Thank You!
The Nations Roof Team