Are you the building manager for a facility with a failing roof? Sometimes facility managers come to us unsure of what to do because the commercial property owners don’t want to pay for a new roof –even though the property manager feels like one might be needed.

If you are an industrial warehouse owner or are in charge of a commercial facility, and you aren’t prepared for the expense or mess of a commercial roof replacement, we might have another option for you to consider. Reach out to Nations Roof to see if an industrial roof restoration is a viable option for your situation.

Building roof restoration is more involved than making roof repairs on small portions of the roof. However, it’s not as expensive or involved as an entire roof replacement. And while this might not be the best course of action if the roof is not structurally sound, it is worth considering for healthy roofs since it might lower the cost of your project.

What is Building Roof Restoration?

The building roof restoration process extends the roof’s lifespan for commercial or industrial buildings with low slope single ply or steep slope metal roof systems. Generally speaking, the process can be described as adding a liquid coating to the roof. The coating system fully encapsulates the roof surfaces with a seamless, reflective, and watertight membrane.

What are the Benefits of Commercial Roof Restoration?

While commercial roof restorations may not be suitable for every situation, there are undoubtedly many benefits to restoration compared with a complete roof replacement. Here are some of those benefits to consider.

Less expensive than a full roof replacement

Restoration provides many of the advantages of a new roof but at a fraction of the cost. This process requires less labor because the existing roof is not removed. And although there is a cost for the roof coating, it tends to be less than paying for new insulation, cover boards, membrane, and accessories.

Extends the life of your commercial roofing systems

The average commercial roof has a lifespan of between 15-20 years, but a restoration project may add up to a decade of life to your roof –as long as you hire a company that delivers quality workmanship and the coating is given proper maintenance. In some situations, the restored roof can be recoated, which means you can further put of complete replacement.

Provides a highly effective roof surface

The restoration system added to your roof’s surface will provide a protective watertight membrane that can stop leaks and reduce the need for roof repairs. That is music to the ears of many building owners.

Restoration projects can reduce your energy bills

Roofing systems tend to provide solar reflectivity and emissive qualities that can improve the energy efficiency of your building.

Not only should your energy costs be lower, but the roof restoration may also extend the life of your HVAC equipment because the highly reflective surface reduces the heat in the building.

Roof restorations are environmentally friendlier than a full tear-off

Re-roofing requires all the existing roofing materials to be torn off, which creates a great deal of landfill waste. However, since this roof system extends the service life of your roof, it will be years before the debris from a full replacement needs to be added to the landfill.

Learn More About Roof Coatings and Restoration Systems

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