Commercial roofing services are vital for any business owner with real estate. Only a well-maintained and sound roof can keep the elements like wind, rain, and snow out of your building and all contents and occupants safe. Along with keeping your building and people protected, it’s our top priority to keep our roofers out of harm’s way and secure. That can be a challenge since roofers have the fifth most dangerous job in the construction industry. And when best practices aren’t followed meticulously – devastating injuries can occur. When that happens, these injuries can adversely affect the rest of the worker’s life and their ability to earn an income. Read on to see how we maintain safety and security for everyone.

Commercial Roofing Services & Safety

Safety standards need to be in writing and understood by all staff and adhered to from the moment the crew arrives on location to when they end off for the day and leave the premises. Every site is different, and its hazards are unique. From dealing with a busy commercial location to working in less than ideal weather, we need to know how to deal with whatever comes up. In addition to weather and foot traffic, the danger increases with the height of the building and pitch of the roof.

These are some of the necessary safety standards we adhere to:

  • On the road – before leaving for the job, it’s imperative to ensure all tools and materials are loaded in the truck and strapped down securely. Not having the needed tools upon arrival can start the day out on a bad note. And while driving, the crew shouldn’t be distracted by calls or text messages. They need to follow the rules of the road and leave enough travel time, so they don’t feel rushed.
  • At the site – once on location, workers need to be aware of their surroundings, especially perimeter walls, skylights, decking, ladders, and any materials piled up. The parking lot should be cleared near any work being done if there’s a risk of falling debris. Orange safety cones are placed around work areas to reduce traffic.
  • On the ladder – we make sure our crew has comprehensive safety training on how to use ladders including, making sure the ladder is secure and can’t be easily moved by wind, other people, or equipment. It’s essential to have the ladder on stable and level surfaces. Also, all equipment needs to be checked periodically to ensure it is undamaged and remains safe.
  • Site Specific Safety Plan – First priority on every new and reroof project for Nations Roof is to have a written site specific safety plan.  This document identifies potential hazards and how to minimize them.  It also contains the contact information and location of the nearest hospital and emergency services that may be required in case of an incident.

Whether it’s on the way to the job, on the roof, or leaving the site – at Nations Roof, our crew knows how to remain safe and protect others.

Fall Protection – Railings & PPE

Preparing in case of a fall is paramount in the commercial roofing industry, and that’s where 100% retractable lifelines and temporary guardrails come in. A significant advantage of retractable lines is they don’t drag on the ground. They stay cleaner, have less wear, and last longer. Plus, there’s less chance of someone tripping on them. And with temporary guardrails, it’s easy to secure an area quickly, so no accidents happen.

In a large company like Nations Roof, we are prepared with over $2 million invested in 13 miles of guardrails! We don’t want to come up short when we need protection.  That is why we also provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for all crew members. 

Although adding extra fall protection equipment can be costly, it pays off because of fewer injuries and claims. When Nations Roof increased our railings and PPE, we saw our claims decrease by a whopping 25%! Plus, our crew is confident that we take their safety seriously and care about them.

Safety Meetings from A to Z

One of the things that sets a successful company apart is team building. We do it in a big way, especially when it comes to safety training. When we bring on a new employee, we train them thoroughly. Not only do we teach them how to use PPE, and all about site safety, but we also make sure they know how to use the tools and equipment that we provide.

We focus on thorough safety training to prevent injuries before they happen. After initial training, we have ongoing continuing education as well as accountability. We work diligently to increase safety awareness with best practices for the road,  site, roof, and ladder.

We get our teams together and go over any industry safety changes daily, monthly, and annually. 

  • Daily Toolbox Talks – we get together informally and discuss any recent issues or questions about safety or hazards.
  • Monthly Safety Meetings – review the past month and discuss any safety policy changes, new equipment, injuries, and additional precautions to take.
  • Annual Safety Days – as a yearly event, our crew looks forward to getting together and learning about the latest techniques and safety practices. We also make it fun and bring in food. These casual, yet informative meetings bring our crews together.

Nations Roof is one of the largest commercial roofing contractors in the country, and we service all 50 states. Our experienced team is here to handle your roofing and maintenance needs, whether you’re a small business or large corporation with buildings across the nation. You can always count on quality materials and a highly-trained crew. We’re ready and available for your roofing needs. Learn more about commercial roofing systems and contact us today for a free consultation.

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