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Built-up roofing is one of the oldest and most durable systems available.  It's multiple layers provide extra protection and perform well in extreme weather conditions.  

Built-up roofing Systems (BUR) consists of three components:

Bitumen (asphalt or coal tars) provides the water proofing and adhesion.

Reinforcement with Ply Sheets (felts) provides tear strength, puncture resistance, multiple layers of waterproofing, span caps in the substrate and improve fire ratings:

Layers or plies of roofing felts are laid between asphalt or bitumen. The surface of the roof can have a gravel application, or a mineral cap sheet.  

BUR surfacing materials can be coated to reduce UV radiation. These coatings provide the additional benefit of protecting the roof system from premature aging as well as reducing building interior cooling and heating costs.

Surfacing Materials:  One of the last installation steps is to apply an appropriate surfacing.  The surfacing:
Protects the waterproof layer (membrane) from UV exposure.
Improve the resistance of the membrane from wind damage.
Improve the fire resistance of the roof system
Improve the resistance of the membrane to damage by hail.
Provide a reflective surface.
Part of the architectural design.protects membrane from UV degradation and weather erosion.

Materials Used for Surfacing:
A top pour of bitumen and aggregate (Flood and Gravel)

A Glaze Coat of hot asphalt (not for Coal Tar Pitch Roofs)
An Asphalt Cutback roof coating.
An Asphalt Emulsion (cold applied)

A Reflective Coating.  Such as asphalt aluminum coating or pigmented latex coatings.


Built-Up Roof System